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Important Information

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How do I use parameter markers

Let's take our sample SQL command
Select * from mydata.customers where cust#=12345
to explain the use of parameter markers:
Select * from mydata.customers where cust#=?
At least this would have iQuery/NET prompting You for the input of a value when executing the SQL command.
Now let's extend this to achive a somewhat more comfortable input dialog by writing
Select * from mydata.customers where cust#=@CustomerNo

The parameter is 'named'. For extensive SQL commands, this will ensure a descriptive prompt dialog.

If you use parameter markers and line breaks together, make sure to insert a extra blank space between the last marker and the line break. This avoids unnecessary errors. Usually formatting the SQL command gets this straight, also.

Some of you might wonder, why we didn't implement datatype checking on the parameter dialog. The answer is quite simple: it wasn't ready by release of the FREE Edition. Check back for coming updates with more functions.

Can I export to Excel using the free edition?

Sure You can. Use the Windows clipboard for Copy and Paste!

Can I share queries with others using the free edition?

Sure You can. Use the clipboard and email or whatever!

Product News

iQuery/NET V2

New release of iQuery/NET available.
iQuery/NET with improved, tabbed user-interface with multiple SQL panels and more ...

Enterprise Edition

iQuery/NET EE Release available now. Share and publish queries , create HTML pages and more!