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Retrieving Query/400 and Query Manager Queries

With iQuery/NET you protect Your investment in existing native query definitions.

Query/400 ListA closer look at the Query List Panel shows a tab titled Query/400. Click on the tab to retrieve a list of *QRYDFN and *QMQRY objects found on the selected IBM i. The initial library value for searching query objects is *LIBL.

When the Query/400 listing is active, you get the option to specify a library name or a special value like *LIBL, *USRLIBL, *CURLIB in the text box on the Query List Panel toolbar. Press Enter or use the Refresh button to retrieve a list of query objects in the selected library. If the library does not exist or no query objects are found, an error message is issued. To work with any listed query, simply click on its name and iQuery/NET will try to retrieve its definition. After succesful retrieval, the corresponding SQL command is displayed in the Command Panel.
In iQuery/NET FREE Edition only the first five (5) listed queries are selectable. This limitation is removed with iQuery/NET PREMIUM and higher.Query/400 List

Note, that you cannot change the query definition on the server, nor will any output definitions take effect. This functionality protects your time and investment in existing work.

Whenever a SQL command is generated from IBM i OS and/or DB2 UDB, it might look a little different compared to what a SQL coder would type into the Command Panel. Feel free to alter the statement as you wish. Again, no changes are written to the server.

In general iQuery/NET is using the so called *SQL naming convention to run and interprete SQL command syntax. By retrieving *QRYDFN and *QMQRY objects, any slashes in the FROM part of the command are replaced programmatically by a dot.

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iQuery/NET V2

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Enterprise Edition

iQuery/NET EE Release available now. Share and publish queries , create HTML pages and more!