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Using multiple IBM i

In the upper panel of the Main Windows left portion you will find your IBM i environment.System i Environment

A currently connected database is indicated by a yellow coloured database-system icon. By clicking the Disconnect button, you can force a database disconnect on the currently selected system. Under certain circumstances, connections running over VPN or other WAN protocols may be disconnected due to timeout settings or other conditions. Under these circumstances, you can simply trigger iQuery/NET to disconnect and force IBM DB2 UDB for iSeries .NET Provider to reconnect on the next request.

Note, that connecting to and disconnecting from IBM i databases has only effect within your current instance of iQuery/NET application.

Signing on to IBM i completely relies on the IBM System i Access for Windows settings. Prompting for signon depends on the settings in System i Navigator for the selected IBM i.

With each query its corresponding IBM i name is stored, which is the name of the database selected at save time of the query. Inversely, when You select a IBM i by clicking a node, only queries available for this specific database are displayed in the Query List.

To get a list of all available queries simply click the IBM i Environment node.

To use the same query across different IBM i databases, first select the query of choice, then click on the target IBM i node in the IBM i Environment panel.

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