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The Main Window

After starting the application you will see the Main Window which contains four seperate areas or panels.
In the upper left you find your IBM i environment, in the lower left all stored commands (Queries List), if there are any. The right half of the Main Window holds the command panel and the result panel.

The Main Window consists of four panels:iQuery/NET Main Window
  • IBM i Environment
  • Queries List Panel
  • Command Panel
  • Result Panel

The Command Panel appears grayed out (=disabled) without any selected IBM i database. Select a IBM i database by clicking the corresponding node and enter a valid SQL command into the command panels textbox. To execute the command, click the green RUN-Button on the Command Panels toolbar or simply press F5. If this is Your first connect to the database, IBM System i Access for Windows may display a signon dialog.

After execution of the SQL command the results are displayed in the Result Panel below the Command Panel. If there are any errors or malformed commands, a message box showing the error appears.

Product News

iQuery/NET V2

New release of iQuery/NET available.
iQuery/NET with improved, tabbed user-interface with multiple SQL panels and more ...

Enterprise Edition

iQuery/NET EE Release available now. Share and publish queries , create HTML pages and more!