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Imagine having loads of information stored in databases. How would you access the data? Writing programs, using good old AS/400 Query (which, BTW, is a fantastic product and was years ahead of it's time) or the Query Manager tool? Or just typing a couple SQL commands to get exactly what you want. That's what SQL is for.

But usually, pulling data from the database is only half the battle. What is even the prettiest resultset good for, if you can't use it for further processing?
Executives love printouts, Excel sheets and - even worse - diagrams and charts. iQuery/NET does it for you. Retrieve the data you need with the help of SQL, copy the retrieved data to the clipboard and use it with whatever you like. Or just save it as CSV, import into Excel or OpenOffice and create some stunning pie charts or whatever will help you to score some hits.

This and more, you will do within minutes without loads of data conversions from AS/400 Query or SQL outfile to IFS and so on. You can even design queries to get prompting for the entry of parameters for record selection. How this works will be described further down this documentation in the Tech Tips Section.

If you decide for the Premium version, which will only be a few Euros anyway, you can even save the data directly to HTML, XML, XLS and XLSX, the new format for storing Excel data in XML format!

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Product News

iQuery/NET V2

New release of iQuery/NET available.
iQuery/NET with improved, tabbed user-interface with multiple SQL panels and more ...

Enterprise Edition

iQuery/NET EE Release available now. Share and publish queries , create HTML pages and more!