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Welcome to iQuery/NET - Data On Demand

Get the data you need for the reports you need - within the time you have!

iQuery/NET for IBM i is an easy to use, yet extremely time and cost efficient data retrieval application, designed especially for IBM i database access. (IBM i on Power Systems is formerly known as AS/400, iSeries, i5.)

If you can answer one of the following questions with YES, then iQuery/NET is what you need!

  • Did you ever have the request to get data out of the database fast, into a PC document and all this right from your fingertips?
    -> iQuery/NET is the tool of choice
  • Did you store SQL commands in .txt or .doc files or used native progs to accomplish repeating tasks?
    -> iQuery/NET does it for you - never worry again
  • Do you want to run existing QUERY/400 and Query Manager Queries from Windows?
    -> iQuery/NET is the answer
  • Did you ever have to run the same query with varying parameters, and finally transforming the resulting data into a PC-usable file?
    -> iQuery/NET offers comfortable user dialogs generated from parameter markers
  • Ever wanted to run the same SQL on different IBM i using one interface and minimum amount of input and time?
    -> iQuery/NET allows exactly this

You will design and run interactive SQL commands right from your desktop and save the resulting data for use with a variety of windows applications.
And event better: iQuery/NET allows access to all stored Query/400 and Query Manager Queries. All the *QRYDFN and *QMQRY objects you have invested a lot of time in, can be used with iQuery/NET.

With its easy arranged user interface, you jump start right away.
And the best thing at all: it comes as a FREE EDITION and already equipped with a load of useful functions.

Have a short look at Prerequisites to get started ...

Product News

iQuery/NET V2

New release of iQuery/NET available.
iQuery/NET with improved, tabbed user-interface with multiple SQL panels and more ...

Enterprise Edition

iQuery/NET EE Release available now. Share and publish queries , create HTML pages and more!